I Rate That: StumbleUpon


Oh mate, StumleUpon is the procrastinator’s wet dream. If you are a huge fan of doing fuck all for hours on end, you might as well make this website your homepage right now: StumbleUpon. I can’t be bothered to explain in detail all it’s attributes and functions; thats why God gave you eyes and the potential to read.

Basically, it’s like the lucky-dip of the internet. You can discover some freaking marvels, such as this thing I found yesterday. And depending on which topics you’ve added as an “interest,” it may send you to somewhere like this… (I am still having nightmares.) Once you get hooked on this shit, you will cease all productivity and become a slave to the internet. I would give yourself a good 12 hours of free-time. If you have a lot of responsibilities like “schoolwork” or “childcare,” don’t you worry, you’ll soon forget all about that shite when you start sifting through the randomness of the interwebs.

And I’d feel selfish finding these gems without sharing the wealth and providing you with a piece of the pudding. So I thought that if I found anything worth sharing it’s going straight on the blog. It seems like a waste having the ability to blog and possess a voice without actually using it for the entertainment and annoyance of others.

However, before using StumbleUpon I would strongly suggest investing into antivirus software just in case some bellend stumbleupon user chose to ‘thumb up’ a website infested with malware and other internet-naughties. And unfortunately, out of all the plethora of ‘interests’ you can choose from, you cannot roulette ‘Hardcore Pornography’ at the click of a button. You’ll have to get that the old fashioned way; with one hand down your boxers and the other frantically searching for your obscure dominatrix fetish in an incognito window, whilst accidentally smearing vaseline all over your keyboard. You sick fuck.

So yeah. StumbleUpon. Get it.

I rate that 12.4/14.1 in procrastination points. Happy Clicking.